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Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Reeve And A Reeves

Penny's final outing as my co-presenter went very well and without tears. She will be back occasionally to fill in (having already been asked by Bainy to join him on Notts Live) and so will maintain a relationship with the station.


Squeeze 'Goodbye Girl'
Jimi Hendrix 'All Along The Watchtower'
Andy Williams 'Can't Get Used To Losing You'
Brian Fahey Orchestra 'At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbals'
Harry Champion 'A Little Bit Of Cucumber'
Jessie Wallace (as Marie Lloyd) 'My Old Man Said Follow The Van'
The Thrills 'Nothing Changes Around Here'
The Strokes 'Under The Cover Of Darkness'

'Judgement Day'
'Chameleon' (live)
'I Need You' (live)
'Easy Way Out'

David Bowie 'Heroes'


Peter Cook And Dudley Moore 'Goodbye'
David Bowwow 'Quite Ahead Of My Time'
PIL 'Poptones'
William Shatner 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Eric Weissberg and Steve Mande 'Duelling Banjos'
Alison Krauss 'Dimming Of The Day'
Earl Scruggs 'Fireball Mail'

Joy Division 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
Swimming 'Neauton Wireless Crystal'
Kate Bush 'Wuthering Height' (played under sufferance, listen back on Mixcloud for the full context)

Joshua Keogh 'Stone'
Frankie Rudolph 'Heart On Fire'
Marc Block 'Cradle Of Sunshine'

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Penny-ultimate

Penny broke the news to me tonight, as soon as she uttered the words "I need to talk to you", I knew. It was the same "I need to talk to you" tone of voice that you use to dump someone. I'll be sad to see Penny go as she made a big improvement to the show when it was in danger of jumping the shark, but having given some thought to the situation, I am looking forward to the challenge of doing it alone.


Brian Fahey Orchestra 'At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbals'
Elsie and Doris Waters 'Please Leave My Butter Alone'
Snuff 'I Will Survive'
Roxanne De Bastion 'Red And White Blood Cells'
Sham 69 'You're A Better Man Than I'
Damn Vandals 'This Amazing'
Damn Vandals 'Trouble With Jesus'
PJ Harvey 'Let England Shake'
Porcupine Time 'Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here'

Fantastic Voyage
Sweet Thing


Charlie Drake 'I've Lost The End Of My Yodel'
Fields Of Nephilin 'Mourning Sun'

The Best Of Bluegrass 'Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms'
JD Crowe And The New South 'Flint Hill Special'
New Generation Bluegrass 'Three Rusty Nails'

New Order 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (Live at Festival Number 6)
The Procession 'Stopping Time'

Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy 'Blue Harbour'
Baby Godzilla 'Power Boat Disaster'
Georgie Rose 'Retribution'

Monday, 17 September 2012

Another Year Older

The bunting was cleared away, the last bit of cake has been eaten, and we've broken all of our new toys. This was back to business as usual for The Sunday Alternative, a year older but none the wiser.


T-Rex 'Hot Love'
T-Rex 'Telegram Sam'
Brian Fahay Orchestra 'At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal'
George Formby 'Under The Blasted Oak'
The Toy Dolls 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon'
Shonen Knife 'I Am A Cat'
Detroit Cobras 'Cha Cha Twist'
The Donkeys 'Born With Stripes'
Flipron feat Neville Staples 'The Comet Returns'
James J Turner 'Let Love Into Your Heart'

Please Mr Gravedigger
Silly Boy Blue
Cygnet Committee


Monty Python 'I Bet You They Won't Play This Song On The Radio'
Bauhaus 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'

Penny's Bluegrass Jamboree:
Iron Horse 'Ain't Talking About Love'
Little Big Town 'Born This Way'
The Pigs 'Doncha'

Bernard Butler 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (acoustic)

City and Colour 'Sleeping Sickness'
The Fall 'My New House'
The Cure 'A Forest'

Nottingham 3:
Amusement Parks On Fire 'Road Eyes'
Rapunzel M.A.P. 'I Want You Back Again'
Ryan Thomas 'Hangover Blues'

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Happy Birthday To Us!

It was like introducing your ex to your current partner, (not that you would do that), when Chris Underwood turned up to join in with the birthday fun. He had to stop doing the show because family time took up a large chunk of his Sunday, (and rightly so). At least he had the decency to tell me rather than just not turning up and ignoring messages. Penny was back from her holiday too, and Rapunzel M.A.P. popped in to talk about her upcoming one-off 'comeback' night busk. She also brought a home-made card and a pork pie with a candle in, (a call-back for the really loyal listeners).

If the little cartoon of me looks familiar, look at my blog profile picture! Brilliant detail there eh? My girlfriend Mandi even made us some birthday cakes for the occasion.

The true radio fan will know the significance of the first track played, I'm shocked it hasn't ever come up in a pub quiz.


Max Wall 'England's Glory'
PIL 'Flowers Of Romance' (part of a birthday message from our punk rock colleague Steve Hardy)
The Undertones 'Teenage Kicks' (the favourite song of John Peel, the reason I work in radio. I am proud to be carrying on his work)
Brian Fahey Orchestra 'At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbals'
The Chameleons 'Don't Fall'
Jesus Jones 'Who Where Why'
Rapunzel M.A.P. 'Hologram Girl'
Eagles Of Death Metal 'Cherry Cola'
Tom Waits 'Big Black Mariah'

I'm Afraid Of Americans
Magic Dance
The Laughing Gnome


Peter Sellers 'Bangers And Mash'
The Damned 'Smash It Up'
The Barnum Meserve 'If You had A Heart It Would Be Made Of Glass'
The Barnum Meserve 'Broken Window'
Riot Squad 'I Take It We're Through'
The Birthday Kiss 'Starting To Come Back To Life'
Jake Morley 'Pondering On A Scenario In Which I Am The Hero'
Paul Young/Honeyroot 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (our new game Paul Young Will Tear Us Apart, Penny won this week)

The Gourdes 'Gin And Juice'
Hayseed Dixie 'Walk This Way'
Bad Livers 'Lust For Life'

Will Jefferey 'The Day Off'
Captain Dangerous 'Executing Elliott'
The Golden Troubadours 'Sunshine Eyes'

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The One Before The Birthday Show

All alone again, with Penny on holiday, with nobody to stand in I did the show alone and rather than talk to myself, I bombarded the lucky listener with some of the best music that was ever made.

"Music you don't hear on the radio, on the radio"
Thinking of getting car stickers made with that on. I should also get stickers made with the quotes on; "the best BBC 6Music show that isn't on BBC 6 Music, yet", and my favourite comment, "the reason computers have speakers".

The show started with tributes to Hal David and Max Bygraves.

Bomb The Bass 'Say A Little Prayer'
Sandi Shaw 'Always Something There To Remind Me'
Max Bygraves 'Tulips From Amsterdam'
The Stranglers 'Walk On By'
Brian Fahey Orchestra 'At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbals'
Florrie Ford 'Down At The Old Bull And Bush'
The Wonder Stuff 'It's Yer Money I'm After Baby'
Black Flag 'Black Coffee'
Happy Mondays 'Rave On'
John Otway 'Beware Of The Flowers'
The Wedding Present 'Back For Good'
Skyway 'Fast Car'
The Monks 'Nice Legs Shame About The Face'
Jerry Reed 'When I Found You'

You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
Cat People

Max Bygraves 'Pink Toothbrush'
Jonathon Richman And The Modern Lovers 'Ice Cream Man'
Sebastopol 'All Eyes'
The Chantays 'Pipeline'
Link Wray 'Ace Of Spades'
Liz Lawrence 'Oo Song'
Louis 'Monkey Girl'
Flipron featuring Neville Staple 'The Comet Returns'
History Of The Trade 'One Arms Length'
The Trade 'Do You Want It?'
Gary Numan 'She's Got Claws'
Circus Envy 'Three Score And Ten'
Damn Vandals 'Can't Go Dancing When You're Gone'
Captain Dangerous 'Executing Elliot'
The Golden Troubadours 'Road Of Bones'

Practical Lovers 'Textbook Romance'
Blindsight 'With Open Eyes'
One Girl One Boy 'This One Boy'