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Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Sunday Alternative Podcast #32

Undercover Hippy 'Boyfriend'
Fightcast 'Mercy Columns'
Hillstrom & Billy 'The Arising'
Ransom & The Subset 'Million Out Of Me'
The Permanent Smilers 'Identity Crisis'
Profane & the Sacred 'Words'

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Monday, 19 January 2015

The Sunday Alternative Podcast #31

L7 'On My Rockin' Machine'
OneGirlOneBoy 'Butterflies'
Defy All Reason 'Bad Blood'
Black Kes 'Haunted House'
Arcane Winter 'Thirteen'
Horse Party 'Out of Sight'
The Cyon Project 'Mr Creosote'
Misk Hills Mountain Rambler 'Je Suis Charlie' (apologies for my calling him Misk Mills, tripping over my words as usual!)
Caffeine 'You Spin Me Round'

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Sunday Alternative Podcast #30

Thunderous Jones 'Dog In The Window'
Terror Empire 'Good Friends Make The Best Enemies'
The Barr Brothers 'Come In The Water'
Duke Garwood 'Heavy Love'
Ghost Iris 'Dream Catching A Nightmare'
Apostate 'Pain Served Slow'

New video from Terror Empire, 'The Servant'.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Sunday Alternative Podcast #29

Things are a little shaky as I seemed to have forgotten to operate the recording controls during Christmas, but the music is as good as ever.

Bride & Groom 'Auld Lang Syne'
Eamon McGrath & The Wild Dogs 'Here She Comes'
Dead Happy 'Dismiss This'
High Top Society 'Wise Wizard'
Shag Carpet Cathedral 'Bachelor's Grove'
Drives The Common Man 'Adrian's Song'