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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Good Name For A Tribute Band

Patrick Plunkett (on the left of this picture), a bit tall for the 'arm around' photo.

The set list won't be in exactly the order of play, as I kept rearranging things.

Will Fyfe 'I'm 94 Today'
Circus Envy 'Regret' (first session band on Trent Sound, see the video here)
Big Youth 'Screaming Target'
Clancy Eccles 'Feel The Rhythm'
Broken Links 'Substitute Yourself'
Kamikaze Test Pilots 'The Inmates Have Taken Over The Asylum'
Gone Till Winter 'Here Me Out'
Illuminatus 'Wolves'
Barnum Meserve 'Broken Window'
Joy Division 'Heart And Soul'
Bob Newhart 'Driving Instructor'

Patrick Plunkett 'Hooked On Desire*'
'Come Here Tonight*'
(All the above performed live in the studio, see the videos here)

Patrick Plunkett 'Attracting Attention'
Sex Pistols 'Holidays In The Sun'
Jim White 'Blink Of An Eye'
The Pointed Sticks 'Out Of Luck'
Nemo Shaw 'The Wood It Burns'
Gallery 47 'Blue Chelsea Girl'