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Monday, 19 March 2012

No pies, No Whoopee, Just Me And An Idea!

A solo outing tonight for The Sunday Alternative, in a show that was pre-recorded last Wednesday as I was on my way back to Nottingham as the show started. Sadly, Erik couldn't make it to the pre-record so it is just me. As always when I'm on my own, the show is more music focused as I can't bounce comic riffs with myself can I?

Pork pies, Whoopee John, Erik Petersen and myself will all be live and firing on all cylinders next Sunday.

Gus Elen 'A Nice Quiet Day'
Mark Fogg's Skasters 'Two Legs'
The Wedding Present 'Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft'
Hadfis 'Pop Music' (Another member of my gang of artists played on my show before BBC6Music, I am like a guru)
Krissy Matthews 'Tell Me'
The Lights 'Days Don't Get Me Far Enough Away'
The Barnum Meserve 'If You Had A Heart It Would Be Made Of Glass'
Tori Amos 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'*
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts 'I Love Rock And Roll'*
Choking Susan 'Liar Liar'
Motorhead 'Louie Louie'*
Royal Gala 'Blue Rinse'
Stiff Little Fingers 'Alternative Ulster'
The Jam 'Going Underground'
Spitting Image 'The Chicken Song'
KLF '3AM Eternal' (Growing Machines Remix)
Symphony Cult 'The Riddle'
Stillman 'The Rat's Tale'
October Sky 'Hit The Ground'
The Catch 'Find The Love'
The Death Of Six By Seven 'Everything You See Is In Motion'
Jimmy The Squirrel 'Daydreamer'
Bow Wow Wow 'C30 C60 C90 Go'
Guns n' Roses 'It's So Easy'
Free 'Alright Now' (this week's dad rocker)

*It was these three songs that gave me an idea for a feature that I might pilot next week.