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Monday, 27 February 2012

Pork Pies, Boiler Maintenance And Happy Birthday Johnny Cash

For some reason, we forgot to do a photo with Jake Morley after he performed in the studio with us. So here is a cheeky picture of him setting up.

We were on excellent form tonight, and it is a scandal that BBC 6Music haven't yet given us the Saturday 10am-1pm slot. Maybe the listeners should refuse to pay their TV Licence until they see sense. It isn't like they aren't informed about the show, this is just ignorance on their part.

Jake Morley joined us in the studio, which was a session that I have particularly been looking forward to. Not that I don't enjoy the live acts, but Jake is the founding member of my 'I played them before 6Music' club.

We inadvertently became pork pie experts, based on the fact that I brought in a cheap nasty packet of the things from Asda. This was quite a good thread that I'm hoping to carry on with, if 6Music don't want us, then we could go on This Morning with pork pie analysis. Erik told a rather sad pork pie related story, we touched on boiler trouble, I accidentally made a wanking reference, and much much more!

The mid-range Asda pork pie was okay. The meat had a reasonable texture although the overall pie was very peppery.

We played the usual high quality mix of musical delights.

Bernard Bresslaw 'You Need Feet'
Johnny Cash 'The Ways Of A Woman In Love'
Stereo MCs 'Connected'
Johnny Cash 'Sunday Morning Coming Down'
Choking Susan 'Liar Liar'
Damn Vandals 'Can't Go Dancing When You're Gone' (another member of the 'I played them before 6Music' club)
Breadchasers 'Hold 'Em High'

Jake Morley 'Freddie Laid The Smackdown'
'The Light' (performed live in session, watch the video here)
'Sideline' (performed live in session, watch the video here)
'Feet Don't Fail Me Now'

The Baron Knights 'Then He Kicked Me'
Blur 'Coffee and TV'
The Frank And Walters 'Funky Cold Medina'
Johnny Cash 'A Boy Named Sue'
Johnny Cash 'Hurt'
Status Quo ' Rocking All Over The World' (this week's 'dad rock' classic)