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Monday, 15 April 2013

Webpage Blurb

The second show of the returning Sunday Alternative was another triumph, with two stunning live performances from Luna Park and Fields. Those sessions will be available to hear again from this page very soon so watch this space! Those links once again for the bands are:
Again, thanks are due to our friends ROFL Audio for producing these and all of Trent Sound's live sessions
What has Steve got in store for you on Sunday 21st April while you let your roast lunch go down? It's a secret. No, not secret, a mystery. Steve doesn't even know yet. Maybe a live band, maybe two, our best advice would be to keep coming back to this page because it'll be announced here first.
We do know that Steve will be bringing you a selection of music that you will only hear on The Sunday Alternative, (whether that's a good thing or not is up to your own discretion), such as these tunes that were played last week:
First hour 7pm-8pm
Eva Cassidey 'Over The Rainbow'
Klaus Nomi 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead'
John McCullough 'I'll Dance On Your Grave Mrs Thatcher'
Morrissey 'Margaret On The Guillotene'
Desperate Bicycles 'Blasting Radio'
Lunar Park live in session:
'Good Girl'
Ned's Atomic Dustbin 'Happy'
Birthday Party 'Mr Clarinet'
Depeche Mode 'About You About Me'
Splodgenessabounds 'I Fell In Love With A Female Plumber From Harlesdon NW10'
Second hour 8pm-9pm
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band 'Faith Healer'
Pop Will Eat Itself 'There Is No Love Lost Between Us Anymore'
The Wonder Stuff 'Far Far Away'/'Oh No!'
Fields live in session:
'I Know That You Know'
'Turn It Down'
'Rock Paper Scissors'
Sultans Of Ping FC 'Turnip Fish'
Calling All Astronauts 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'
The Jam 'Tales From The Riverbank'
Wedding Present 'A Million Miles'
Ministry 'Lay Lady Lay'
The Beat 'Whine and Grine (Stand Down Margaret)'
Steve tweets during the show from the Trent Sound official twitter account @TrentSoundLtd but can be found making weak jokes and flag waving great music at @SteveOliver76 and show updates can be found at @SundayAlt