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Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Technical Fault!


The first edition of The Sunday Alternative of the new year kicked off in pretty typical Trent Sound style, with my music not being in the studio system. I contacted the controller who said that he would update the system when he got home and do it remotely. The songs hadn't left the shared Dropbox folder, so even refreshing the system was hopeless. To get around this, we did the first forty minutes of the show by finding our chosen tracks on Youtube, which was a bodge of a solution but at least helped to tide us over.


Chas & Dave 'Auld Lang Syne'
Regina Spektor 'My Dear Acquaintance'
Counting Crows 'A Long December'
Parry Grip 'Doctor Who'
Jon Pertwee 'Who Is The Doctor'
Nenah Cherry 'Buffalo Ting Spirit'
Michael Jackson vs The Doors 'Billie Jean On A Storm'
The Everly Brothers 'Omaha'
The Freshies 'I'm In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Virgin Records Checkout Desk'


The Orb 'Valley'
Roberta Tovey 'Who's Who'
Great Lake Swimmers 'Gonna Make It Through This Year'
Sir Henry & His Butlers 'Bye Bye Johnny'
Utah Saints 'Something Good (High Contrast Mix)'
Spike Jones 'All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth'
The Beez 'Apathy'
Dean Carter 'Jailhouse Rock'
Johnny Skiles 'Rock Jump Boogie'
Sean Bonniwell 'Double Yellow Line'
Sesame Street Cast 'Keep Christmas With You'