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Monday, 17 October 2011

CakePops, Shop Gigs, And The Sad Fate Of Myspace Tom

One of my most enjoyable shows, with Chris Underwood as my co-presenter once again. I have asked Chris to do it more often, as we worked well with each other tonight, with us bouncing ideas around and injecting humour into our chat without either of us becoming too DJ-ish. (I'm a broadcaster not a DJ).

Also, Chris brought in some cake pops, made by his girlfriend Neli's company We Are Delish, who became the unofficial sponsor of the show. Although my offer of doing a modelling shoot for her advertising hasn't earned me a call back...

Stanley Holloway 'The Lion And Albert'
Charlie Drake 'Splish Splash'
Guns And Roses 'Heartbreak Hotel'
Yunioshi 'Thunderbird'
Circus Envy 'Say Something' (my first guests, re-live September 11th here)
Long Dead Signal 'Asleep At The Wheel'
Depeche Mode 'Behind The Wheel'
Bloodgroup 'My Arms'
De-Staat 'Sweatshop'
Obsessive Compulsive 'Exit'
The Jezabels 'Endless Summer'
Blondie 'Rip Her To Shreds'

Theme from Bottom
Skin The Pig 'Shadows Of Broken Wings'
Tastebuds 'Hold The Candle Closer'
The Broom Hill String Band 'The Monkey The Engineer'
Barnum Meserve 'Broken Window' (archive set from The Oliver Sessions, watch it here)
'She Lies Beneath'
The Selector 'I Can See Clearly Now'
Duke01 'RTK'
Symphony Cult 'On Your High Horse'
Jim Parker 'Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye'

Chris wrote a blog about today too. It's on his website.