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Monday, 25 June 2012

Talking A Lot Of Toilet

Penny returned to The Sunday Alternative tonight, having been away in Brighton last weekend. The conversational tone didn't leave the smallest room in the house for a great percentage of the time, but it was a lot of fun trying to steer Penny away for her to go right back there. It gave me the idea that we should record our conversations during songs when the microphones are off, to release as a separate 'bonus' podcast. It was nice to have Penny back, as we work really well together, I didn't really feel on form tonight but I like to think that we still pulled a great show out of the hat.

We were of course severely hampered by the fact that England were playing, and then went into extra time and penalties. It will serve everyone right that they missed the show to see England die on their arses once again. The show is one of Trent Sound's most downloaded 'listen again' programmes, which does make me wonder about doing it live. Live feels better though. As soon as this particular edition is available to download, I anticipate a surge on the National Grid, and the Internet to melt.

The Flying Pickets 'When You're Young And In Love' (played in tribute to Brian Hibbard)
Brian Fahey Orchestra 'At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal'/Peters and Lee 'Welcome Home' (I faded the usual intro into 'Welcome Home' as Penny had returned to the show)Binnie Hale 'A Nice Cup Of Tea'
The Vapours 'Turning Japanese'
Manic Street Preachers 'Motorcycle Emptiness'
Violent Femmes 'Color Me Once'
Kingmaker 'Armchair Anarchist'
The Given Motion 'Blink'
Nightmare Arcade 'Underworld'
Redbear 'My Name Is Kieran'
Portugal The Man 'Guns and Dogs'
Gold Panda 'You'
Tom Cruise 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' (this week's 'dad rock classic' chosen because I saw Rock of Ages in the week)

Ken Dodd and The Diddymen 'Where's Me Shirt'
Sultans Of Ping FC 'Where's Me Jumper'
(We both realised that we should have played 'Donald Where's Yer Troosers' to make a trilogy of trying to get dressed and not being able to find anything)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Feel It'
Cryogenics 'You Will Never Know'
Pree 'Lack Of Fight'
POND 'Moth Wings'
Tray Electric 'Don't You Wish'
Long Dead Signal 'A Question Of Violence'
Will Jeffery 'Dorothy Jean'
(the above three all played at yesterday's Waterfront festival, and form a now regular triple whammy of Nottingham acts. Incidentally, you can see Will Jeffery perform 'Dorothy Jean' on the show here or in 3D here)

Crystal Castles 'Crimewave'

Iggy Pop 'Louie Louie'
Dave Wallace 'Ska Like Teen Spirit'
Joan Jett with The Sex Pistols 'I Love Rock and Roll'

Chris Reeve (no relation to Penny) 'Just Like Red Wine'
Screaming Jay Hawkins 'I Put A Spell On You'
Natalie Merchant 'Down On Penny's Farm'

Attila The Stockbroker 'The Bible According To Rupert Murdoch'
Billy Bragg 'Never Buy The Sun'
The 45s 'Couldn't Believe A Word'
Leadbelly 'House Of The Rising Sun'
Jimmy Edwards 'Love Bug Crawl'
Nick Harper 'By My Rocket Comes Fire'
Metric 'Black Sheep'
Sapphire Lane 'Huntdown'