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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Who's Got The Cutest Cat?

Why are we in the little studio? The one where we do pre-recorded content?
Why are we reading Saturday's paper?
Why is this blog being posted on a Saturday?

It's as if we came in on Saturday to pre-record the show. Actually, that is exactly what we did. Penny is at the Dot to Dot festival tomorrow, and I am in need of an early night in order to go and collect my daughter on Monday. The weirdest thing about doing a pre-record, (we record in three blocks of 58 minutes, to slot the shows in after the news) is that we could do the show in order. Normally, we do the third hour first as a pre-record, before doing two live hours.

One of the things we riffed on was our cats, and who has the cutest.

Penny's cat is the top one, the other two are mine.

The Smiths 'The Queen Is Dead' (suitable for a jubilee weekend)
Brian Fahay And His Orchestra 'At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbals'
George Formby 'I Wonder Who's Under Her Balcony'
Sex Pistols 'God Save The Queen'
The Coral 'In The Morning'
Killing Joke 'New Uprising'
Captain Dangerous 'Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You'
Injured Birds 'Clams'
We Show Up On Radar 'I'll Be A Ghost'
Golden Earring 'Radar Love' ('dad rock classic')

Status Squid 'Boring Song'
Sham 69 'Hurry Up Harry'
David Lee Roth 'California Girls'
Of Montreal 'The Party's Crashing Us'
The Correspondents 'Washington Square'
Sleigh Bells 'Infinity Guitars'
Cud 'Neurotica' and 'You Sexy Thing'
Captain Dangerous 'Heather and Tommy' and 'Forgive Us we're British'
Weird Al Yankovic 'Smells Like Nirvana'

(We, by which I mean I, fucked up the times and didn't have time to do Louie Smells Like Rock and Roll so I played this and was supposed to play another of his but had to wait until after the news).

Eric Weissberg 'Duelling Banjos'
Fade To Bluegrass 'Enter Sandman'
Trampled By Turtles 'Widower's Heart'
Weird Al Yankovic 'I Love Rocky Road'
John Cooper Clarke 'Salome Malone' and 'I Married A Monster From Outer Space'
The Apples 'Chemical Sniffer'
Dick venom And The Terrortones 'Science Friction'
John Otway 'I Will Survive'
Gypsy Kings 'Inspiration'
Fighting Evil Is Cool 'Go On, Get Wasted'
Pink Floyd vs The Bee Gees 'Staying Alive In The Wall'

We also talked about the Captain Dangerous album launch gig that we went to last night. Last night being tonight, as we are recording the show for tomorrow. I hope we enjoyed it.