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Monday, 1 July 2013

Locked Out

The show got off to the shakiest start ever this week, as we were locked out of the studio as the show begun. The last live show on a Sunday finishes at five, and then there's an hour long pre-recorded show before we take over at seven. Joe and Sam, our sound engineers, were outside the studio when we got there, unable to get in because someone had locked the door with the 'big lock' so we couldn't get in with the entry code. To make matters worse, the band Throw The Goat turned up. Phone calls and text messages were sent to the station boss to come and let us in, and Gary started listening to the show on his phone so that we could hear what the automated system played from our song library, (thankfully from The Sunday Alternative library and not some pop shite).

Eventually we were able to get in, and I then had the task of putting the show together. The automated system had played 'I'll See You In My Dreams' by Joe Brown, and a song by Dandy Livingstone, I forget the title. I set up the opening jingles and first two tracks, and declared that the show officially starts now. There was then the other problem of the band not bringing instruments with them, as they had thought that I was providing acoustic guitars due to a mix up over email correspondence. Gary rang his brother Craig, (another quarter of Prefontaine) and a guitar was delivered to the show. To say what a poor impression the band had been given of us, Throw The Goat were brilliant company and charming guys. They were over from California on a mini-tour of the UK, and we were their first port of call. Unusually for a live guest, they stayed for the whole show and acted as an audience to our ramblings and contributed some song choices.


The Bad Shepherds 'Our House'
                               'What A Waste'
The Who 'To Kill My Appetite'
The Busters 'Don't Worry Be Happy'
The Toy Dolls '500 Miles'
Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy 'Kiss Me'
Throw The Goat 'Southeast Bound'

Throw The Goat live
'Having A Beer'

The Third Bardo 'I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time'


David Bowie and Dave Gilmour 'Comfortably Numb'
NYA 'Back To You'
Joe Strange 'Down In The River'
The Smiths 'Half A Person'
Jeff Buckley 'I Know It's Over'
Queens Of The Stone Age 'Go With The Flow'
The Bad Shepherds 'No More Heroes'
                               'Gary Gilmore's Eyes'
Nirvana vs Rick Astley 'Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up'
Guns And Roses vs The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper's Paradise City'
David Bowie and Iggy Pop 'The Passengers'
Huey Lewis And The News 'The Power Of Love' (I was bullied into persuaded to play this by the band and Gary)

I have no fucking idea how to rotate this picture. In my photo album it is the right way up.