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Monday, 9 December 2013

A 'Quite Good' Show

I'm determined to have a live music session on as oftern as possible, although it might be difficult for out of town bands with my new time slot. This week was fine though, as my mate Bainy was on hand to come in with half of his new band Blue Vulture. I've had a joke with Bainy for a while now, refusing to say anything positive about his band other than that they are 'quite good', it's even on their Reverbnation page. I went and ruined it right at the end of their set by turning to Gary with the microphones on in our studio by saying "absolutley brilliant". The truth is of course that they are a great band with some fine songs. They have only played gigs at a venue that I am barred from so far so I have yet to see them live.


Al Jolson 'Mr Radio Man'
The Gentrys 'Gonna Look Straight Through You'
The Stranglers 'All Day And All Of The Night'
Television Personalities 'Part Time Punks'
The Deepest Blue 'Pretty Little Thing'
Link Wray 'Mind Blower'
The Cigarettes 'You Were So Young'
David Bowie 'Tired Of My Life'
Flight Of The Concords 'Bowie Song'
Queen vs Red Hot Chilli Peppers 'Under The Pressure'
John Lennon 'Imagine'


Pantera 'Walk'
The Dead Milkmen 'Punk Rock Girl'
Nirvana vs Blur 'Smells Like Song 2'

Blue Vulture live session:
'Green Teeth'
'Cats & Flowers'
'The Last Time I Saw You Alive'

The Remains 'I Can't Get Away From You'
The Todds 'I Want Her Back'
Divine Comedy 'Song For Ten'
Neil Hannon 'Song For Ten'
John Lennon 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over)'
Smashing Pumpkins 'Disarm'