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Monday, 2 December 2013

The Sunday (Lunch) Alternative

Lucks Lane's website is here

We're back after a three week break with a new time slot. The dinner tables of the country strained under the weight of roast dinners, while we provided the soundtrack. It was nice to leave the building in daylight. Live music was provided by Lucks Lane performing an acoustic session for us.

Please spare a thought for those of us who work on Sunday.


Al Jolson 'Mr Radio' (new theme tune)
Johnny Cash 'Sunday Morning Coming Down'
Morrissey 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'
Toby Jepson 'Dear Mama'
Florida Room 'White Room Versus'
Lucks Lane 'Running For My Life'

Lucks Lane live in the studio:
'Some Scars'
'Turn The Tide'

Lucks Lane 'Million Hours'
Rick Durham And The Dynamos 'I Got My Eyes On You'
Dr T And The Undertakers 'Times Have Changed'


David Bowie 'Love Is Lost'
Nine Inch Nails 'Everyday Is Exactly The Same'
Toy Dolls 'Poltergeist In The Pantry'
Tomorrow Comes The Wolves 'Torn Thin'
Rock Sugar 'Don't Stop The Sandman'
Chameleon Circuit 'Exterminate Regenerate'
Gary Numan 'My Dying Machine'