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Sunday, 16 March 2014

It's Not The End...

So this is the end of an era, and hopefully the start of another. The Sunday Alternative said good bye to Trent Sound today, there were no tears although a little sadness.

I was so involved with keeping the show running while at the same time drafting a speech, that I forgot to write down the songs I played. Never mind, this is the final goodbye speech to the Trent Sound listeners.

I've really enjoyed doing The Sunday Alternative, in an age of bland, same six songs all day long radio, to have total creative freedom is something to cherish, not just for the presenters but also for you the listeners.

First of all I'd like to thank all the people who helped with the show. Co-presenters Chris Underwood, Erik Petersen, Dick Venom, Penny Reeve, Bainy, Andy Haynes (who also deputised along with Jason Loftus and Lee Beaumont), and Gary Barwell. Thanks to all the live bands who have played; Circus Envy, The Golden Troubadours, Adam Clarkson and Rob Rosa, Jack Kansas, Patrick Plunkett, William Tennant, Marc Reeves, Will Jefferey, Barnum Meserve, Jake Morley, Practical Lovers, Fighting Evil Is Cool, All So Wreckless, Centre Excuse, Fields, Lunar Park, Rebel Rebel, Matt Blick, Explode The TV, NYA, POM, The Sea Above, Minimum, Lucks Lane, Blue Vulture, Chloe McShane, One Million Motors, City Of Kites, Simon Waldram and Wild Man Of Europe.

Thank you for listening since September 11th 2011, but please be assured that it is not over for The Sunday Alternative. After a short break I'll be back with a weekly video series, and I'll be showcasing new music on my new monthly podcast BlogCast Monthly, available by email only so send a blank email to to catch that on the last Friday of the month from April. My American show The Sound Of Nottingham UK continues on Connecticut's Robin Hood Radio, and I'm keeping other irons in the fire.

Keep an eye on my Twitter @SteveOliver76 and @SundayAlt for updates, and the Facebook page. Don't forget you can hear all the old shows at

Thank you again.