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Monday, 3 March 2014

Savior On The Tram

I was just stepping on the tram on the way to the studio, (three stops away) when my phone rang. It was Mandi to tell me that I had picked up last week's weekly tram pass instead of the current, valid one. Not only did I step straight into the path of the ticket inspector, but the tram was filled with what I refer to as 'cunt squad' (hasn't caught on yet); the high-visabilty jacket wearing bunch of jobsworth ticket inspectors. For some reason they need a team of six to do this job, which means that as it is Sunday the tram company are actually paying twelve wages as today is double time (I only ever show my pass to one of them on principal of the fact that it is a one person job), so I was fucked. I explained to the ticket guy that I had picked up the wrong pass, hoping that he would understand. Maybe it was the presense of cunt squad (seriously, they'll all be calling them that soon) that made him do his job to the letter, but he said that I would have to buy a ticket. I only had 1.40 in change on me, and they don't take cards on the tram. I said that I would use my card to buy a ticket from the machine at the next stop, but of course the new machines weren't working. My next offer was to buy a return ticket on my way back, but that wasn't good enough either. I explained who I was and that I was on my way to do my radio show, and I can only assume that he either isn't a lover of high quailty music, or he works this shift every Sunday afternoon and hasn't had the chance to listen to my show (I should have told him that all the shows are available on Mixcloud) because that didn't work either. Just when I thought that I would have to get off and be late for my own show, a stranger gave me the 60p difference as an act of kindness. That man saved radio today, and if you like music, you owe him a drink.

The show was a busy one, in the first hour I was talking to punk poet Eagle Spits about his charity work for Casa Alianza, and the four volume compilation album he has released, Punk 4 The Homeless. He brought his book of poetry with him too, so in addition to playing a few tracks from the album he also performed one of his poems. 

My musical guest was Adam Clarkson of Captain Dangerous, in to play three brand new songs from the band. I've known Adam about four years but been a fan of the band for longer, and he is always a pleasure to talk to. The main thrust of our conversations, on and off air, are mentioned in my main blog. The songs were great, I can't wait to hear the full band versions. 

(Note: This was Adam's third appearance on The Sunday Alternative)


Al Jolson 'Mr Radio Man'
Hate Colony 'Cottonmouth' 
Max Lisa 'Fly Away'
Qui 'Songbirds'
Tomorrow Come The Wolves 'Lover's Eyes'
Zooparty featuring Glenn Matlock 'P.M.A.'
Grave Robber 'Invisable Man'
Monkish '17p For A Freddo'


Coffee House session, The Landed:
'Leaving So Soon'
'Lovely Day'
'Things To Talk About'

Adam Clarkson, live performance:
'Hang Your Head In Shame Darlin''
'Down And Out In Kennleworth'
'King Richard 4th'

Captain Dangerous 'Then She Kissed Me'
Reason 'Before The Dawn'
Jac Dalton 'For Your Love'

David Bowie 'Dirty Boys'
                     'Rock & Roll Suicide'