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Sunday, 8 September 2013

It's Our Birthday!

It was the show that the world had been waiting for, and the hype paid off as we had a brilliant show to celebrate the second birthday of The Sunday Alternative. I had invited all of my former co-presenters along to join in the show, and several members of the Nottingham press. Chris Underwood and Penny Reeve couldn't make it but had sent me a recorded message. I didn't hear from Erik Petersen to say yes or no so had no idea whether he was going to turn up or not, which if long time listeners will remember is how he used to operate anyway. The press didn't bother either, although I made the mistake of emailing Simon Wilson, the entertainment editor of The Nottingham Evening Post (as I still call it) while he was on holiday so I'm sure he would have been along if he had seen the email.

I wore the same shirt that I wore for the very first show, funnily enough it is a Paul Smith shirt. Paul Smith clothing and The Sunday Alternative have something in common of course, started in Nottingham and exported and enjoyed around the world.

Something that was a real 'water cooler moment' for the show was the slight change to the opening. Rather than playing the usual jingle, (the song on the music player on this blog page) myself and Gary sang the song live in the studio with him on ukulele. 


'Another Opening, Another Show' (intro)
Al Jolson 'Mr Radio Man' (I always used to start with an old music hall standard)
Electric Six 'Radio Ga Ga'
The Sunday Alternative Jingle
Ian Dury 'England's Glory' (I had to play that one didn't I?)
REM 'Radio Song'
Captain Sensible 'Snakes and Ladders'
The Dickies 'The Sound Of Silence'
Billy Bragg 'Accident Waiting To Happen'
Duffo 'Walk On The Wild Side'

A special one-off Louie Smells Like Rock and Roll, voted for by the listeners
The Clash 'Louie Louie'
Blanks 77 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'
Ghoti Hook 'I Love Rock and Roll'


ELO 'Mr Radio' (a nod back to the Dad Rock Classics feature)
The Degenerates 'Radio Anarchy'
The Kovenent 'Mirrors Paradise'
Crass 'Mother Earth'
Barnum Meserve 'Colours'
The Cramps 'Human Fly'
American Head Charge 'Writhe'
Mudhoney 'Touch Me I'm Sick'
David Bowie 'Moonage Daydream'