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Monday, 2 September 2013


I really enjoy doing the show with Gary, and I honestly think that the two of us have breathed new life into the show. It helps that he is my best friend and we talk the same nonsense on air that we do in the pub or round my house. Cassia joined us, having never joined in with The Sunday Alternative before. Gary and I agreed that we were perhaps a little too overpowering, and that we should have given her more input. She was brilliant on NottinghamLIVE and in hindsight we were a little unfair tonight. 


Misfits 'Saturday Night'
The Damned 'Perfect Sunday'
KLF 'Last Train To Trans-central'
Adventure Babies 'Camper Van'
Rollins Band 'Low Self Opinion'
Chameleon Circuit 'An Awful Lot Of Running'
Tom Waits 'Good Old World'
David Bowie 'The Shadow Man'


Depeche Mode 'Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts)
David Bowie vs Snoop Dogg 'Spaced Oddity'
The Jam 'The Butterfly Collector'
The Meteors 'Hell Ain't Hot Enough For Me'
Elvis Hitler 'Live Fast Die Young'
Chameleon Circuit 'Exterminate Regenerate'
Television Personalities 'I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives'
The JellyBottys 'Peter Cushing Lives In Whitsable'
The Ran-Dells 'Martian Hop'
The Cramps 'Human Fly'
The Stooges 'Dirt'