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Monday, 16 September 2013

This Could Be The Last Time

I attracted quite a bit of attention on Twitter this evening when I announced that this week might be my last show. This morning I received an email from the owner of Trent Sound with a bee in his bonnet about the American show, and some nonsense about rivalry. I wasn't in the mood to do a radio show, and I felt about an inch away from quitting all the way through.


Toy Dolls 'Fisticuffs In Frederick Street'
The Highliners 'The Benny Hill Boogie'
Antiseen 'Psycho Killer'
The Exploding Hearts 'Making Teenage Faces'
Bomb The Bass 'Megablast'
A Guy Called Gerald 'Subscrape'
Kraze 'The Party'
The Exploited 'Chaos Is My Life'
The Plimsouls 'How Long Will It Take'
Camouflage 'Love Is A Shield'
Rotersand 'One Level Down'
Swell Maps 'New York'
Wolfshiein 'Once In A Lifetime'
The Alley Cats 'Bitter Fruit'
Dead Kennedys 'California Uber Alles'


Spires 'Lucid Abstractions'
The Vaselines 'Son Of A Gun'
Bauhaus 'The Man With The X-Ray Eyes'
Audioslave 'Shadow Of The Sun'
Chris Cornell 'Black Hole Sun'
The Swankys 'I Don't Know I Don't Care'
Bad Brains 'Back In The DC'
The Fall 'Cowboy George'
Sisters Of Mercy 'Temple Of Love'
Reel Big Fish 'Brown Eyed Girl'
The Damned 'Ballroom Blitz'
Alan Vega 'Ghost Rider'
The Beatles 'Get Back'